Full Sturgeon Moon In Aquarius Gratitude & Blessings

Gratitude to the 13 (!) souls who joined me yesterday in opening the portal for this emergent journey in exploring Revolutionary Love. (Not) coincidentally, I opened registration on the Day Out Of Time in the 13 (!) moon Mayan calendar. 13 is also the "witches number" - a sacred number of blessed beings to be called together.

We defined what revolutionary love means to us in this moment as: "Revolutionary Love is a choice to stay in wonder and labor in community as we move out of ourselves in service to the world
. It is the eternal force of unconditional compassion towards all beings. A collective consciousness  created within community."

and...we wrote some beautiful

Opening your heart Wash away the pain with love Dancing in the rain 💖 we are born in flames brave, imperfect, together with trust, we build care 💖 Joy bubbles as stars align, create new wolds. Grandmothers smile, shine. 💖 and...we also did tai ji, metta meditation & even danced (a little). 

Buzzing from the energy shared today - a beautiful butterfly flew by as I was dancing to Bomba Estero's To My Love during the session, affirming, for me, those who show up are the ones who are meant to be with you in that moment.

~ This moment is where I'm meant to be.~

Gratitude to y'all who came together to practice revolutionary love, together.

And, it's not too late to join.

Please consider this your invitation join in next time if you were unable yesterday.

Our next study session for the first full book will be:

"See No Stranger" by Valarie Kaur

Sunday August 30th  9am PT/10am MT/11am CT/12pm ET/5pm BST/9:30pm IST

We hope you've finished the book, if possible, by the end of the month. SO - if you don't have it yet please order it now (or see if you can borrow it from your local e-library service!) I recommend purchasing books from independent booksellers like Bookshop.orgPowell's Books or best - a black-owned independent bookstore online or in your city! Closing with a viral image of this pre-historic survivor, a massive sturgeon fish seen in the waters of Bayou St. John, the tributary of water that flows right by my house in New Orleans, that is connected to the Mighty Mississippi as well as the great Gulf Of Mexico. Photo was taken just a couple of days ago, during its namesake moon cycle! 

As I'd shared during the study session call, the sturgeon fish is swimming into our lives to prove we are stronger than we realize. The sturdy sturgeon can live up to 140 years, offering the strength we will make it through these extraordinarily challenging times we are in. The sturgeon has been on this planet for over 200 million years, co-existing since the time of the dinosaurs. Using the energy of the Sturgeon Moon we can connect better with each other and search for others who share our interests - like revolutionary love. Thank you again to those who brought your full selves today, and an invitation to all of you for wishing to build a community of praxis around revolutionary love to join us. Be well, take good care, and hope to "see" you on Sunday, August 30th. In peace, and with revolutionary love, Jayeesha PS: You can register for future individual study sessions or the remaining full moon study club by clicking directly on the links or via the navigation bar above.

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