Scorpio Season: it's all about love...

wow...what a whirlwind few months it's been. i am really looking forward to sinking in & spending a couple of hours this weekend with some of y'all for our study session on one of my all time favorite books - all about love by bell hooks.

deeply grateful for my dear sister-friend leticia contreras for so many things over the many moons we've been familia - most recently for which is her holding space in our session last moon, as well as this one! yay! looking forward to collaborating with her in facilitating once again for this extraordinary book. also want to shout out to leticia's mama, ruby, for being such a wonderful presence in our lil rad study club, having this space be intergenerational has made a sweet space even sweeter in this harsh and bitter time.

speaking of these times, here is a visual sum up my scorpio season vibe thus far as we welcome this strongly pulsating blue halloween/samhain/dias de los muertos harvest full moon this weekend. i'm a scorpio, this is my season, and... whew, it's even more powerful that usual.

L-R > black candle spell casting on new moon & a new spell-painting work in progress using black wax from the black magic candle, rose & marigold medicine making,

btw, that is the "azucar" candle by velanegra - an amazing afro-latina-owned small business

the upcoming hunter's moon celebrates the turning of seasons with leaves falling and the deer fattened, it is time to hunt. Since the fields have been reaped, hunters can ride over the stubble, and can more easily see the animals who've come out to glean and may be caught for a banquet after the harvest. This is a time to see the beauty and pain of the circle of life - for the conscious hunter must recognize and respect the spirit it's taking and aim to honor it with karmic penance - from the every day rituals to extraordinary celestial ceremonies.

like, potentially, this weekend? and the upcoming week that has a cosmic energy already making itself felt. (has la luna been waking you up already too?!)

we are blessed with two full moons during this month before a pivotal, generation defining election. how are you stewarding its potent energy?

this rare halloween/samhain/dias de los muertos blue full moon is no coincidence either y'all... it's all in accordance with the stars and planets in some wild alignment, right now - beyond the Mercury retrograde that stations direct on Election Day. But I digress. Do check out Chani, Autumn and adrienne talking about this at the AMC earlier this year and Li-Zhen's thoughts on this, tho.

and, so... i look forward to joining with the constellation of humans who will gather this sunday, it's been such a nourishing and emergent space. honestly, when i started this it was really out of a place of needing to center and ground myself in revolutionary love. and since i'm me... i made it community-centered, nerdy and witchy. grateful to all of you who've come though - or even if you're still planning to, someday. maybe this is the moon to join in?

as always, reading the book isn't required to participate - and, it's available for free here, if you'd like to start now!

it's been so affirming to re-read bell's words and so excited to dive into a somatic, creative, critical & nourishing experience all about love this weekend with the study club. 💖

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