To Dream Is Revolutionary

"Institutions in our society need reinventing. Time has come for a new dream. That's what being a revolutionary is." - Grace Lee Boggs

As I read Grace's quote in the preface to See No Stranger's 6th chapter "reimagine", I was immediately transported to one of my most cherished movement moments being schooled about visionary organizing in her living room years ago.

From my archives. Detroit, 2013.

What a powerful and wise elder Grace was, I continue to learn from her to this day.

Her vision for being visionary continues to live in us.

So, I've been trying to dream about the future again, which has been so difficult but necessary - to envision what's next, after this great reckoning, the epic pause in our regular lives and routines, the uncovering and the uprisings that resulting from people being tired of the old ways, the old traumas, and the legacies of oppression.

How can, and will, we create futures rooted in revolutionary love?

We have to keep visioning, dreaming, creating these new realities.

Check out the free Passion Roadmap pages if you'd like to try "passion planning" as I'm doing above. I like to play some music, light some incense, and give myself 10-15 minutes when I passion plan. Create a ritual out of it, see it as a form of spell casting and manifestation.

We will do a modified/embodied version of visioning practice during our next study session, you might find it especially helpful to check it out once if you've never tried mind mapping.

Hope you've started reading See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto on Revolutionary Love by Valarie Kaur. I've been enjoying Valarie's book, really looking forward to diving in deep during our study club on August 30th!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm partnering with abcdyogi and with gratitude for abcdyogi's generous support, we have a limited number of e-book scholarships available to purchase the e-book for BIPOC folks if needed. Please contact me ASAP if you'd like to request an e-book be purchased for you. I'll share more about my appreciation about the abcdyogi community in a future post, too. Stay tuned!

I am so excited to keep dreaming with y'all.

Be well, and stay safe, beloveds. "See" you on August 30th.

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